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RotaGrill™ Rotating BBQ Grill

  • Ideal for: High temperature simulated carbon fire grilling, rapid heating of the heat cycle, short-wave infrared / thermal radiation roasting, quickly locking the gravy, roasting the outer coke and tenderizing effect, dripping grease is drained to the oil receiving tray, the oil leaking does not suck back, reducing oil smoke produce.
  • Capacity: High capacity with a 1100W rotisserie grilled up to a medium sized joint of meat. Cook joint on a single skewer or up to 12 individual kebabs. Top cover fixed bamboo sticks design, each roasted sign rotates independently, stable without shaking.

  • Upright cooking: The adjusts the temperature, increasing / decreasing by step. Imitate the high-temperature charcoal to enjoy the smoke-free barbecue at home.
  • Transparent glass: Fully transparent glass cover, clearly visible, heat-resistant and heat-locking, no heat loss.
  • Easy to clean:  Removable accessories are easy to clean, durable and wear-resistant. The glass cover, the ceramic head of the oil tray and the oil box of the top cover can be removed for cleaning.